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Letter from the President:

Hello! Whether you happened to stumble upon our website or came here in search of something specific, I want to welcome you to the website of the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! Recruitment is quickly approaching, and while it can be stressful, I encourage you to trust the process and stick it out to the end. I wholeheartedly believe that there is a chapter for everyone on this campus and it is so rewarding when you find your home. Even if you don't end up with us here at ADPi, I wish you the very best!

My name is Rachel Bruner and I am the current president here at Alpha Delta Pi. I am originally from Elkhorn, NE and graduated from Elkhorn High School in 2019 (Go Antlers!). After some contemplation, I decided to come to Lincoln for my undergrad and I haven't looked back since. I am majoring in Veterinary Science and am hoping to go to Vet School after graduation. This university has so much to offer, including greek life, and I encourage you to explore all the opportunities!

I came home to Alpha Delta Pi in the Fall of 2019. I originally was not planning on going through primary recruitment, but am thankful every day that I decided to take that leap. Greek life on this campus is an incredible community that provides constant support to each and every person involved, and this chapter specifically has allowed me to grow into the best version of myself through all the opportunities I have been provided. I honestly can't imagine where I would be today without this chapter and the amazing people in it.

The sisterhood you will find here is truly so special. These people are so accepting and encouraging and will always be there for you no matter what. Whether you need motivation for coursework or a shoulder to cry on, the support is never-ending. Our open motto is "we live for each other", and I see each and every one of our members exemplify that through all that they do. I have found my forever best friends that I know will always pick up the phone even 50 years down the road. We have made so many incredible memories that I hope you too will be able to experience. This sisterhood is truly for life and is something that you can always lean on.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read about how much this chapter and the greek community as a whole means to me! I hope that, regardless of which chapter you choose to join, you find your forever home and a place to belong on this campus. My greatest piece of advice is simply to keep faith in the process and it will all work out for good.


Rachel Bruner


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