New Member Program

Membership in Alpha Delta Pi goes far beyond your four years of college.  As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, you will begin your lifelong journey as an Alpha Member.  


On Bid Day, you will receive a Violet Sister who will act as your mentor as you begin a new, exciting chapter in your life. She will help you as you transition into college and the Greek Community at UNL. You will also get to meet our Director of New Member Experience who will lead you through the Alpha process and be your go-to sister. A few weeks into your membership, you will find out who your Big Diamond Sister is during Diamond Sister Reveal; one of the most exciting times for Alpha Members.


Through your 8-week education program, you will learn about the history of Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Education sessions aren't all education though. Throughout your time in Alpha Education, you will have the opportunity to participate in sisterhood events, get to know other members and bond with your Alpha Class.


After the 8-week program is complete, you will become a Delta Member through our initiation that we call Diamond Days.