Now that my daughter is in Alpha Delta Pi, what can she expect?

Joining a sisterhood like ADPi, your daughter will find her home

away from home. She will be welcomed with open arms at the house and always have a sister when needed. Following bid day, your daughter will begin an 8-week program to learn about the history that has shaped our sorority. She will attend meetings once a week leading up to initiation. Alpha Delta Pi has a strict no hazing policy. This experience as a new member will be a growing period as she learns about what this sorority represents and carries pride with. She will be encouraged to be involved and will begin to make an impact as an individual in this chapter.

What benefits does Alpha Delta Pi have for my daughter?

The benefits are numerous. We provide life skills like leadership development through holding officer positions in the chapter, encouragement, and assistance in academic achievement; we provide and advocate the importance of education, service opportunities and lifelong friendships. Our membership education program helps develop well-rounded women. Our sisterhood is more than just four years, it's for life. 

What are the expectations as a member of Alpha Delta Pi?

Each woman in our chapter was chosen because of her qualities that our members saw and wanted in a sister. We strive for all members to be committed and have pride in their sorority. To maintain these expectations, this comes with responsibilities. 

Each member is expected to attend weekly meetings to help her stay informed in all chapter business so that she can stay involved. Our members are held to high standards in keeping up with their academics. We look to strengthen our members in maintaining academic excellence. We expect academics to always be a high priority as we provide study groups, tutors, and GPA expectations. As well, we hold a high standard for behavior. We expect members to be responsible for their actions and for those actions to be classy and of good choice. Our officers will address manners in a loving, supportive way because we want only the best for each woman. We also expect each member to be financially current. As a board, along with advisors and International officers, we have a set budget so we can meet our needs for the house and members. Our women have a monthly financial responsibility. 

What expectations are there for me as a parent?

As a parent of a member, there are no obligations. We do however offer a Parent's Club you may join. As part of this club, you will have access to the Facebook page full of information on upcoming invites (such as Mom's Day, Dad's Day, etc.), have input on treats during finals week and be updated with pictures from your daughter and her sisters. You are not required to join, but it's a great way to meet other parents and be involved with what is going on in our chapter.

What will my daughter gain from Alpha Delta Pi?

As a member, your daughter will gain many great characteristics, as well as friendships and memories. Our sisterhood gives lifelong friendships and college experiences that will never be forgotten. Being apart of Alpha Delta Pi, she will learn about leadership, time-management, achieve academic excellence, give back to philanthropies and the community, and overall focus on personal development. 

These elements make Alpha Delta Pi the sorority it is. Encourage your daughter to make the most of her opportunities Alpha Delta Pi offers.