Letter From our Vice President of Marketing & Recruitment

My name is Abigail and I am the Vice President of Marketing and I want to welcome you to Alpha Delta Pi. ADPi has such a rich history as it was the first secret society for women in the world founded on May 15th, 1851. Alpha Delta Pi was founded by 6 women who wanted to talk about more than their studies and recitations. Alpha Delta Pi opened so many doors for women then, now, and tomorrow. 

My sisters and I have created bonds that will last a lifetime and we will forever be proud to belong to an organization like Alpha Delta Pi. Through ADPi I have gained a support system who saw the potential in me before I even knew it was there, sisters that hold me accountable in my academics, and memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

The week of Formal Recruitment is a time where you get a look into every chapter on our campus. During this week you get an opportunity to find your forever home. For me, that is Alpha Delta Pi, a home full of memories, laughs, and life long friendships.


Alpha Delta Pi values Scholarship, Service, Self, and Sorority. These four points make up our diamond and are values we instill in our members. By incorporating our values into your everyday life you will build lifelong friends who push you to become the best woman you can possibly be. Being in Alpha Delta Pi has changed my life for the better. Having women who hold me accountable has allowed me to grow as an individual. The women of ADPi are held to a higher standard and are always finding ways to uphold our values. Alpha Delta Pi has given me friends I couldn’t imagine living without and memories to last a lifetime. I hope as you go through your journey of recruitment you see what opportunities my chapter has to offer you.

As Formal Recruitment approaches, I would like to offer you some advice. First, the women of every chapter are so excited to meet you. Second, we want you to be 100% yourself. Being you is what makes you a unique individual in which our chapter values. We don't want you to be us, we want you to be you. Lastly, you will find your home. Keep an open mind throughout the week and everything will work out.


Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi and the University. I hope that your future home is everything you could have ever hoped for.


Pi Love,

Abigail Leu


What is Formal Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment is a five-day program where women can get a chance to meet each of the chapters on our campus. Each day a potential new member will attend events at the different chapters in order to learn more about the sorority and the women in it. As the week goes along, the number of events will reduce. On the last day, the potential new member will preference which chapter they would like to join. On the next day, they will find out in their assigned groups where their new home will be.


During the week, potential new members will be in assigned groups guided by Rho Gammas. These are women who are apart of the Greek community who have disassociated with their chapter for the week to help the potential new members. They are there to answer any questions about individual sororities, Greek life, and college in general. At the end of the week, they will run home to their chapters along with the new members on Bid Day.

Meet our Formal Recruitment Chair


Hi, I’m Bryce Pauly, Director of Primary Recruitment! Recruitment for me has been such a big part of my sorority experience that I knew I had to run for this position! I also have the privilege of being Open Recruitment Specialist as well! I love working with my sisters and getting them ready to recruit! I look forward to meeting you all in the fall!

Bid Day = Best Day